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 Association for Protection of Aquatic Wildlife of Albania (APAWA)

Association for Protection of Aquatic Wildlife of Albania (APAWA)




The Association for Protection of Aquatic Wildlife of Albania (APAWA) was established in 1999 in Tirana, Albania. APAWA is a non-governmental and non-profit social-scientific organization, whose main goals are: public awareness for the protection and preservation of aquatic wildlife; sustainable development in coastal and wetland areas; influence for solution of the problems linked to the aquatic communities; monitoring of eventual amelioration of aquatic and coastal ecosystems. APAWA’s main work includes: providing and disseminating information on the ecological and environmental situation of aquatic ecosystems; work on public awareness; influence for respecting the environmental legislation; preparation of strategies, management plans, action plans and other policy documents related to protection, conservation, sustainable use and development of wetland and aquatic ecosystems; integration of issues related to aquatic ecosystems with strategies of country development; preparation and implementation of projects related to the assessment, conservation and management of marine, coastal and wetland biodiversity and habitats; collaboration with environmental NGOs of a national and international scale. APAWA has about 60 members, with the head office in Tirana and active members in the districts of Shkoder, Lezhe, Kurbin, Durres, Vlore, Sarande and Pogradec. The association works on the national and international scale, with all levels of public, institutions, organizations and other relevant stakeholders dealing with environment, research and sustainable development of marine, coastal and wetland areas. The incomes of the association are provided from membership fees and support from donors for the projects implemented by the association..


Rr. Kostaq Cipo, p 6/4, ap. 32 1001 Tirana, Albania
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