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Ark Ecological NGO

Ark Ecological NGO




ARK Armenia Ecological NGO was established in 2014 by Armen Kazaryan and Siranush Vardanian. Based in Kapan, in the Syunik region of southern Armenia, ARK is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of ecotourism and sustainable living, starting the bottom up (as they're based in the south of Armenia!). The beautiful nature and rich cultural history of Armenia gives the country and its people great potential to become a sought-after destination for tourism from the international community. ARK exists to nurture these seeds of potential and to make sure the relationship between local communities and tourists develops healthily. All of ARK's services abide by international standards for ecotourism. By building the capacity of rural communities to adopt environmentally-friendly practices, ecotourism can be built on a sustainable platform that provides economic and environmental benefits to everyone involved.


4/4 Charents Street 0025 Kapan, Armenia
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