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Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BAMEE) is a non-profit national association of environmental professionals – municipal environmental experts, engineers in Bulgarian municipalities, companies and other NGOs, consultants and other interested parties. BAMEE is a professional organization dedicated to the preservation of the environment by creating and promoting sustainable, municipal environmental policy/. BAMEE works to enhance and improve the environmental system at local and national level. BAMEE is providing an atmosphere for an open exchange of ideas, cooperation and self support among municipal environmental experts, providing environment for professional development of municipal environmental engineers, protecting their rights and assisting businesses to improve their communication with municipalities, concerning environmental problems.. BAMEE is promoting eco-initiatives to the general public, assuring access to information and active involvement of society in decision making processes. It is a recognized and respected representative and proponent of the local authorities in environmental field.


Sliven 8800, 3a Dimitar Pehlivanov Str., Sofia, Mladost 1a, bl. 521, ent. 2, ap. 37
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