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Association of Environmental Justice in Israel (AEJI)

Association of Environmental Justice in Israel (AEJI)




The Association for Environmental Justice was established in 2009 by senior academics involved in working for civil society, as well as professionals and civil rights activists in the field of society, the environment and representatives of vulnerable population groups - and operates as a resource center in the field of environmental and climate justice for the use of individuals and population groups, including residents of disadvantaged communities, Researchers and students, and decision makers at the various levels. The association is a non-partisan and independent body that focuses on fundamental issues in the field of environmental justice, and is engaged in researching the interrelationships between the fields of society, the environment and the decision-making system in Israel to achieve the following super goals: A. To initiate studies and establish a research and informational infrastructure in the fields of environmental and climate inequality, which will form the basis for formulating policy recommendations and examining real and agreed-upon, implementable solutions, which will help promote and deepen democracy and open government, equality and environmental justice values ​​in development programs in the various government ministries. B. Promoting the active and informed involvement of population groups, primarily minorities and the periphery, in decision-making processes on environmental issues and spatial equality. C. To motivate and establish regional partnerships in the field of environmental and climate justice, climate security, climate migration and food security in the Mediterranean countries. The 4 main areas of action: Collecting data, initiating studies and working documents within which fundamental issues in the fields of the environment, society and the decision-making system are discussed, and agreed solutions are formulated and proposed; The field of climate change and the promotion of climate justice policy is central to the association's activities. Forming tools to promote a policy based on the values ​​of democracy, environmental justice and the reduction of inequality in a common geographic space with the participation of the affected populations. Emphasis is given to gender equality and the assimilation of gender thinking in administrative decision-making processes. Deepening of active civil involvement in the field of environmental justice and participation in decision-making processes in the fields of environment and society, and activities to strengthen and empower residents of disadvantaged communities, particularly in the minority sector and in the peripheral areas. The association initiates and participates in regional and international initiatives to promote cooperation in the region on "cross-border environment and climate" issues. In this activity, efforts are made to locate allies and stakeholders, despite the geopolitical situation, in order to establish significant cooperation.


3160 pob Ramat Hasharon 4713101 Israel
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