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Bureau for Rights-Based Development (BRD)

Bureau for Rights-Based Development (BRD)


Established in 2002 and previously known, as the Bureau for Reconstruction and Development, the Bureau for Rights-Based Development (BRD) is a registered Afghan non-profit, non-governmental organization, mandated to promote rights-based development for a strong, viable, and pluralistic society in Afghanistan. The human rights-based approach to poverty eradication and development lies at the very heart of BRD’s work. BRD’s approach to poverty eradication starts with the connection between poverty and human rights, from the perspective of people living in poverty. As a development organization, BRD understands needs as the basis for claiming human rights, and supports marginalized people in their efforts to claim their rights. BRD aims to encourage and support beneficiaries to switch from a passive role to an active role of right holders, taking responsibility for their own development.