Energy for Environment Foundation (EforE)




Last Update: December 01, 2023

About us

The Energy for Environment Foundation (EforE) is an independent non-profit making organization, founded on 15 June 2000. The foundation was founded by Dr. Piyasvasti Amranand who currently is the Chairman of the EforE's Board. The major objectives are to forge ahead with the implementation of activities in support of the government’s energy policy, particularly those concerning promotion and dissemination of domestic renewable energy utilization, via disseminating relevant knowledge, concepts and technologies, and to promote greater use of biomass of which supply sources are abundant in the country in order to reduce the use of fossil energy which has to be imported. In view of the above-mentioned, the “Biomass Clearinghouse” has been established under the management of E for E to dedicatedly promote greater use of biomass to generate energy, via carrying out various activities to reduce constraints of and barriers to biomass utilization for power and heat generation, and also to encourage efficient use of energy.




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