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Last Update: January 04, 2022

About us

On behalf of our team at EDS, we wish our supporters the very best for a relaxing holiday break and much improved 2022. It’s been tough year for all. Fortunately EDS has been luckier than many in that our work has continued throughout the Auckland lockdowns although with some extensions to deadlines. During the year, we have seen our efforts to encourage resource management reform coming to fruition, and there is now a major new government initiative in conservation reform. We are well progressed with our oceans work with reform likely to be a priority during the next term of government. And last week we have had 2 big wins: the New Chums Beach acquisition and the Court of Appeal’s decision in the Port Otago case (see below). But from all of us: Raewyn Peart, Sasha Maher, Greg Severinsen, Cordelia Woodhouse, Deidre Koolen-Bourke, Shay Schlaepfer, Bella Rollinson, Katharina Stickling, Phoebe Parson, Tracey Turner and Gary Taylor – kind wishes and thanks for all the support which is greatly appreciated.



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