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Friends of Development and Investment Society

Friends of Development and Investment Society




Working with official and private bodies with all possible and legitimate means for the creation of an environment that is attractive to investment and supportive of the national economy in accordance with the royal vision, showing the positive modern image of Jordan which we consider as a democratic model of a state of law, working on finding job opportunities for women, balancing between development and investment programmes on the one hand and keeping the cultural local heritage for local communities on the other hand, and preserving biodiversity, environment and nature in addition to work to attract awareness and training programs for the rehabilitation of local communities in all fields to deal positively with development projects and investment and dissemination of development culture among the members of the community, and work to spread and clarify the concepts related to development and investment leading to the adoption of the community of these values and concepts besides engage in the formulation of policies in the framework of sustainable development community.


208 Jerash 26111 Jordan
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