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Hirilandhoo Educational Social Society (HESS)

Hirilandhoo Educational Social Society (HESS)




Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation. Likewise HESS was an idea started through group of people meeting up every Friday discussing issues and considering alternatives for development of HIRILANDHOO. These ideas were never documented and implemented. It was just ideas and solutions that were discussed and they were people in common. But in no further time, group has started considering taking matters seriously and concerning about values in the society that are vanishing before our eyes. This consideration left us wondering about a body that could gather a team to work the solutions for discussed issues and implement considered alternatives. Luckily it was not much of a challenge to prepare necessary documentations for registering a NGO named HESS which is the current compiling source of this group or otherwise the team of HESS. Soon after the accommodation of the required writings, application to ministry of home affairs took place for registration of the NGO. This is what we call “Pre-Interim” stage of HESS. With a written constitute and all other formative requirements the application took 19 days for processing and on 16th of April 2013 HESS was officially registered. Within these 19 days HESS has managed to setup its organizational structure and executive committee members and all other necessary administrative requirement(s). These includes Setting up mission, Vision, finalizing organizational structure, proposing names for election of executive committee vice – chair persons, and acquire all necessary administrative tools and equipment(s). Our Vision: People of exemption on examples. Our Mission: Building people who are financially satisfied, socially secure, constitutionally protected and healthy. While in the process of registration and throughout planning of the administration, HESS has managed to run some promotional activities for marketing purposes and also for awareness and educational purposes. These activities are detailed below in section 2.


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