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Human Settlements Association, Beyoglu




The Human Settlements Association (HSA), established in 1996, shows concern about issues related to local administration functioning and its policy. The HSA activities are aimed at the decision-making processes and their impact on the life of the community. The association takes an interest in urban services, the environment, culture and urban development. HAS aims at the establishment of an administrative model based on greater participation of the local administration in the decision-making process and localization in general. The purpose of HSA is to look for practical solutions to existing problems in relations among citizens and in relations between citizens and local authorities. It also facilitates sharing of information on issues of common concern to the community. The association aims at developing administrative practices based on greater participation and better supervision of the administrative process. HSA is not related to any political group and has no political preferences. Issues related to the human settlements have been considered mostly from the political point of view. HAS aims to offer a civic perspective to the understanding and solution of problems related to the human settlements. Its purpose is not opposition but participation in the solution of problems and in the process of change.


Beyoglu 80060, Istanbul, Turkey