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Jordanian Society for Microbial Biodiversity (JSMB)

Jordanian Society for Microbial Biodiversity (JSMB)




The Jordanian Society for Microbial Biodiversity (JSMB) was founded in October 2006 under the initiative of a group formed by Nura A. Abboud. The group was registered as an NGO with the Ministry of the Environment on the 17th of February, 2011.JSMB is the first and the only NGO specialized in microbial biodiversity conservation in the Middle East. Vision: JSMB aims to be a world class environmental NGO and advance and practices in research, sustainable use, and conservation of Jordan's natural environment and its microbial biodiversity. Mission: JSMB aims to conserve Jordan`s ecology through three integrated pillars of scientific research, the application of traditional knowledge, and enhancing environmental awareness, particularly amongst women and youth. , We strive to transfer science from the lab to the heart of the community and linking theoretical knowledge with practical aspects of people`s daily lives. Our strategic goals include, but are not limited to: 1. Research the diversity of Jordan’s native microorganisms to ensure their conservation, and assessing impacts of invasive microorganisms. 2. Discover new properties of microbes that can be useful to humans, and explore their use as indicators in environmental monitoring. 3. Advocate for sustainable development-oriented policies by linking conservation impacts and opportunities with social and economical development priorities. 4. Rehabilitate significantly degraded areas of Jordan, while seeking to develop locally accumulated scientific knowledge and customary experiences. 5. Foster environmental awareness and regulatory compliance in the wider Jordanian community, with a special emphasis on empowering youth and women to participate in environmental protection efforts.


Amman , Im Es Summaq , Urwa Bin Uthaina Street , Jordan
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