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Kayak4All was founded in 2005 as a kayak-like home that is shared by all - love of the sea, man, paddle, and their surroundings. The founders of the organization(NGO) were exposed to a kayak as a rehabilitative tool, who had a need and who was a volunteer. In 2006, the club was established in Jaffa Port and the association with the Yordei Yam Zevulun Association was established. Kayak4All Zevulun, a registered association that runs the Kayak Sea Club, works to advance the field of striving for all. We expose the sport, the connection to nature and the affinity between man and his environment. Kayak is a means to demonstrate that we can do, change, educate and contribute. The Club members Enjoy from a Homey club, boathouse, and magical Jaffa port. The Paddle equipment at the club was advanced and allowed members to enjoy the variety of kayaks in the field. Club members, apart from kayaking along the beaches, enjoy practicing and surfing river kayaks, polo games and practice workshops for basic and advanced skills.


Pier 10, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 64200, Israel