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Oman Petro Environmental Services Company (OMAN PESCO)

Oman Petro Environmental Services Company (OMAN PESCO)




OMAN PESCO is an Omani Registered Company. The company was formed in May 2007, and started its operations in June 2008. The company was initially formed as an international joint-venture company between a group of Omani investors, and world leaders in oil spill response, BMES UK, in addition to regional spill response leaders BE-Petrosafe JV. At the onset of the company, a know-how and ownership transfer plan was launched over a period of 10 years, aiming to make OMAN PESCO a fully-owned Omani company by 2017. In 2017, the Company Ownership Omanisation (COO) plan was completed, and the company became 100% Omani owned.


Suite 26, Bayt Al-Mamour Building Al Jami Al Akbar St. , Ghala Heights, Oman