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Operation Big Blue Association (OBBA)

Operation Big Blue Association (OBBA)




Operation Big Blue Association (OBBA) is a non-sectarian, not for profit and nongovernmental Environmental organization working mainly on the conservation of coastal and aquatic biodiversity as well as the integrated and sustainable development of the Lebanese waters. It was founded in 1997 by Hazem Idriss Scuba Diving Instructor and a group of responsible and loyal divers. Since then, OBBA has disturbed by the incessant encounter of sea turtles entangled and suffocating with plastic bags. Over the years, thousands of tons of waste were removed from the Lebanese seashore and the Lebanese waters as well as from rivers. Aside, best ecosystem management practices, both practical and theoretical, were taught to thousands of volunteers.


Zariff- Tobbara StreetTabbara Center, Beirut,Lebanon