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Repair Kopitiam

Repair Kopitiam




For instance, a wobble on a chair or a tear in our jeans will be discarded without a second thought. While most would toss away the item, Repair Kopitiam can still salvage the product by repairing it. By engaging in our repair services, not only will you be equipped with technical skills, but you will also find yourself appreciating the value in objects as well as learn valuable lessons such as perseverance, discipline, and patience, all from the process of repairing. Repair Kopitiam operates as a community repair meetup on the last Sunday of the month. Members of the public join us at designated areas to repair items that range from broken electrical appliances to torn clothing to damaged furniture. By doing so, you engage in responsible e-waste disposal through the guidance of our volunteer Repair Coaches. Apart from this, Repair Kopitiam also brings the repair spirit to your community through various courses and activities. Contact us for more! This initiative is powered by Sustainable Living Lab, and is part of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015.


1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704