Society for Environmental Awareness (SEA)

Society for Environmental Awareness (SEA)




About us

The Society for Environmental Awareness was founded by Ali Mohamed Did in 1990 and registered with a colleague Abdulla Sameer Within a few day Abdulla Azeez joined the community as the youngest founder member in the Society. Ali didi, Sameer and Azeez are from Fuvahmulah and concerned about the mounting environmental problems of the small island. Its membership extended to including Maldivian from different works of life from different parts of the country. The president of Maldives has recognized SEA reputation for excellence, service, and integrity as it received the first Presidents Award for Environmental Awareness work done by SEA. Furthermore, over the years its reputation is built upon annual seminars and workshops hosted by distinguished environmental experts and publications, on-line services, and training sessions, and an extensive membership network of different age groups. As a non-profit educational organization created to spread awareness of the Maldives environmental fragility, SEA provides educational opportunities to learn about the complex environmental issues that Maldives face. In recognition of the hardwork done to promote environmental awarness in the island and his work for lobbying to the government to recognize the fraility of Fuvahmulak SEA was awarded the first ever Green Leaf by President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.