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TÜDAV (Turkey Sea Research Association)

TÜDAV (Turkey Sea Research Association)




It’s time to protect what we have left. We shouldn’t repeat our past mistakes. We need to find the answers to questions like what did we lose, why and how we lost them. For this purpose, we conduct studies and we will continue to do so. Among our coasts, there are ones with untouched natural beauties. Millions of organisms come to the coastal areas to feed and to reproduce. Lagoons and mouths of streams possess a rich amount of nutrition for marine organisms. Even if we can’t see it right away, the sand we step on is full of life. Fish migrations still continue in our straits. We still come across seals in the Mediterranean Sea. Even more, we have otters. Dolphins greet us from the boundless blue seas. When we look underwater, we can see the unbelievable beauties of life. Seagrasses host various organisms. Anchovy is still fished in the Black Sea. Groupers, morays, octopus are the intriguing guards of rock caves of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. But they all depend on our determination: We either decide to study and protect our seas or all of this richness will continue to decline.


10 Beykoz 34820 Istanbul – TURKEY
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