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Türkiye Çevre Vakfı

Türkiye Çevre Vakfı




Environment Foundation of Turkey (EFT) ‬is‬ ‬a ‬non-governmental, ‬non-profit ‬and ‬volunteer ‬organization ‬which ‬‬was founded on 1 February 1978. Our aim is to work in order to provide everybody a cleaner, more organized, healthier and favourable environment to live in. We try to achieve our aim through doing research on environmental protection and development and organizing scientific meetings. Since our foundation in 1978, we have been working continuously. We believe a development style that does not ignore environmental values is, as well, a development style that would support peace and happiness.


Fidanlık Mahallesi Ataç-1 Sokak/20 No:20/6 06420, Kızılay-Ankara, Turkey
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