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TAPAN Eco-Club

TAPAN Eco-Club




The goal of Tapan Eco-Club is to unite society for the protection of the nature of Armenia (Earth) and the creatures inhabiting it, to preserve the natural and cultural legacy of society, and the physical and spiritual health of people. Tasks of Tapan Eco-Club are – Increase public understanding of the natural and cultural environment, and the experience and principles of activities aimed at prevention of ecological crisis on the local and global scale; – Support for the prevention of activities threatening to ecological safety and public health, and for the preservation of Biodiversity; – Support for nature conservation legislation and state bodies in their struggle against its violations. – Struggle against the processes of desertification; – Conservation, rehabilitation and rational utilization of the natural environment and natural resources; – Promotion of energy and resource conservation, and ecologically clean technologies; – Support for the processes of democratization and development of civil society.


Vardanants 14/1, apt 19, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia 0010 Yerevan, Armenia