Last Update: December 01, 2023

About us

Overpopulation Foundation formerly The Club of Ten Million The aim of the Foundation is to consolidate and improve the quality of life of all legal inhabitants of the Netherlands. The Foundation finds that this quality is under threat from the increasing pressure of population, also on a global scale, especially with regard to the generations to come. A catastrophe seems inevitable, unless government policies are changed. The foundation aims to press for a reduction in the number of people living in this country, to be achieved in due course, while at all times observing the generally accepted norms and values towards life as it exists, and laws and regulations currently in force. The Foundation will seek to achieve its aim by fostering the awareness of our common responsibility, on a collective as well as on an individual level. The Foundation acknowledges that a global approach to the problem is equally necessary, and is eager to co-operate with organizations in other countries with an aim similar to its own.




Velp, The Netherlands