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Last Update: October 07, 2022

About us

The Association for Fire Ecology is an international organization dedicated to improving the knowledge and use of fire in land management. We are scientists, educators, students, managers, practitioners, policymakers, and interested citizens helping to shape the emerging profession and growing field of fire ecology. MISSION The Association for Fire Ecology is dedicated to improving the knowledge of fire ecology and the uses of fire in resilient landscape management. VALUES AND BELIEFS Wildland fire is a critical ecological process in most ecoregions of the world. Global ecosystems and their fire regimes show long-term evolutionary relationships with fire. Human uses of fire have been intimately interwoven with natural fire regimes for millennia and the use of fire is a core component of healthy human and ecological systems. Land management and stewardship practices should support fire’s ecological role, whether by maintaining fire on the landscape or reintroducing fire to ecosystems with altered fire regimes. Fire ecology science and methods can productively inform policy and land management decisions in fire-adapted ecosystems. Land management and science benefit from including multiple perspectives and diverse teams of people. We foster a sense of belonging and respect for people representing different demographics, lifeways, disciplines, and professional roles.

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