Biodiversity Conservancy Nepal (BioCoN)




Last Update: January 11, 2022

About us

Biodiversity Conservancy Nepal (BioCoN) is a not-for-profit research institution promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Nepal. It is legally registered since September, 2015 at District Administration Office of Rupandehi (Registration Number: 2189) and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (Affiliation Number: 42307). At BioCoN, we believe that biodiversity conservation and sustainable development are inter-related and focus on harvesting long-term social, economic, and ecological benefits, via sustainable utilization of natural resources, for the common good. Clearly, biodiversity conservation can’t be envisioned without using these resources sustainably, and sustainable development, similarly, is unconceivable without ensuring the conservation our natural resources. BioCoN, hence, is determined on conserving and sustainably utilizing biodiversity at ecosystem, species, and genetic levels in an effort to securing and safeguarding them for the future.




Tilottama-6, Manigram Rupandehi-32903, Nepal