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THE ORGANISATION The organisation is made up of concerned individuals who wish to ensure that the natural environment is used wisely and continues to be available for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. Bluepeace is the oldest environmental Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in the Maldives. Bluepeace was initiated by a young group of volunteers during the late eighties and was formally registered on 11th September 1989. The initial aim was at diverting some energy in conserving the delicate environment which is being misused and exploited on an unsustainable manner due to lack of awareness, knowledge and understanding. Since then the organisation has been instrumental in creating environmental awareness through its many campaigns and activities. Bluepeace is strictly a Non-Governmental Organisation and not-for-profit organisation. The organisation is not sponsored by any particular party or individual but depends on time given freely, voluntary effort, on subscriptions, donations and fund raising.


Handhuvaree Hingun Malé, 20287 Maldives