Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition





Last Update: March 29, 2024

About us

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) is a voluntary initiative that catalyzes action toward the successful implementation of carbon pricing around the world. The CPLC brings together leaders from government, business, civil society, and academia to support carbon pricing, share experiences, and enhance the global, regional, national, and subnational understanding of carbon pricing implementation. The World Bank Group administers the CPLC Secretariat. Climate change is humanity's greatest challenge, and cannot be addressed by any jurisdiction, business, or organization. Effective climate action requires jurisdictions, businesses, and organizations across the globe to make a concerted effort to work toward the common goal of limiting atmospheric carbon emissions and lessening the effects of climate change. Carbon pricing is a powerful policy tool that aligns international will towards this common purpose. To secure the place of carbon pricing on the global agenda, the Coalition was launched on the opening day of the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in 2015. As of mid-2021, the Coalition comprises 35 national and sub-national governments, 176 private sector organizations from various regions and sectors, and 102 strategic partners representing NGOs, business organizations, and universities. These partners are actively engaged in the work of the CPLC. Partner-led work has gradually evolved from general support for carbon pricing to more targeted initiatives, building on their experiences and lessons learned to date. The Coalition drives action through knowledge sharing, targeted technical analysis and public-private dialogues that guide successful carbon pricing policy adoption and accelerate implementation.