Green Heritage Fund Suriname





Last Update: January 15, 2022

About us

The Green Heritage Fund Suriname was established in October 2005 and is a charitable nonprofit. The Foundation was established because the founding members felt that the image of Lucia (Bradypus tridactylus) should not be used commercially. We also believed that a non-profit charity could reinvest all earnings in programs that would help improve the fate of wild animals. Thus, the Foundation’s first program was born, the Xenarthra Program. The second initiative of the Foundation is the Dolphin Program. In 2005 a group of friends began to make regular trips in the Suriname River Estuary stopping at the beach of Braamspunt. Over time these outings developed into a regular volunteer research and monitoring activity. These also helped to encourage dolphin tourism which yields benefits for the local community. Our mission is moving all Surinamers to make wise decisions for the sustainable use of our natural resources. GHFS currently runs 4 programs, which seek to ensure sustainable development of Suriname’s natural resources and biodiversity.



Geertruidastr. 24 Paramaribo, Suriname