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Last Update: August 08, 2022

About us

"Green Now" an environmental association without borders, 'The love of the motherland but a natural thing is why should love stop at the border?!' [Hava Elberstein] "Green Now" aims to try and improve the quality of the environment in all regions of the country and in all aspects and without distinguishing between areas under Israeli, semi-Israeli control or under the rule of the Palestinian Authority - pollution knows no bounds! After all, these are the same waters, the same soil and the same groundwater that we all enjoy, and suffer from the deterioration of their condition, and they are the ones that will remain behind us for future generations. The association "Green Now" sees itself as an intermediary body, empowering and connecting individuals to communities and organizations. We consider ourselves responsible for the quality of our lives and for the preservation of the land that has been entrusted to us as it is written in the age-old biblical order: "to serve and preserve" (Genesis 1). The "Green Now" association will work for real change in various ways: advocacy, education, activity in the field, increasing awareness, conferences and publications as well as in the legal aspect.