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International Ecological Economic Promotion Association

International Ecological Economic Promotion Association




International Ecological Economy Promotion Association(IEEPA) has been approved by Government, registered in the Civil Affairs Department. It strives to promote programs for the city to build high-quality economic and environmental development in the fields of ecological agriculture, ecological industry, ecological transportation, ecological architecture, ecological energy, ecological culture, ecological tourism, green mineral development and natural resources. Guided by Chinese President Xi Jinping's discourse, "Ecology is a resource, to develop ecology is to develop the productive forces", IEEPA hopes to become a professional, trans-industrial, and international social organization. Specifically, IEEPA focuses on promoting sustainable development that improves both the economy and the environment; implementing the China State Council's ecologically sustainable development policy ; developing ecological resources, energy conservation, and the environmental protection industry; helping improve the function of governmental social work; establishing self-regulation as an industry mechanism, designing industry standards for the ecological economy, energy conservation, and environmental protection industries; implementing industrialization measures, and calling for coexistence between economic development, human health and society.


16th & 14th Floor, Office Tower 1, Henderson Center, No. 18, Jianguomennei Ave., Dongcheng Dist., Beijing 100005, China
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