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Last Update: January 06, 2022

About us

The Lebanon Mountain Trail is a reality today thanks to the vision, efforts, and support of many people and organizations. While there is not enough space to thank them all here, it is fitting to acknowledge those who pioneered the establishment of Lebanon’s first national long-distance hiking trail. Indeed, it takes vision, determination, and a shared sense of purpose to dream up the idea of a trail connecting Lebanon’s high-mountain villages, develop a workable concept and a convincing proposal for such a trail, obtain grant funding for implementation, and establish the trail in a record two-year span (2006-2008). The LMT Association is thankful to ECODIT, a US company with a sister company in Lebanon, for spearheading efforts to establish the Lebanon Mountain Trail, including its side trail the Baskinta Literary Trail, and the LMT Association. We asked Joseph Karam, President of ECODIT, to recount the genesis of the LMT, for the record. Here’s what he wrote:



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