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Nodibinājums Latvijas Dabas fonds

Nodibinājums Latvijas Dabas fonds




The mission of the Latvian Fund for Nature is to preserve biological diversity in Latvia. To achieve this, the LFN is engaged in practical activities to preserve the environment and to educate society about the importance of biological diversity. To achieve its mission in the long-term perspective, the Latvian Fund for Nature carries out activities in five programme directions: Nature conservation policy - the main goal is to promote integration of environmental protection and nature conservation concerns in the legislation of Latvia, support the creation of local and national NGOs and promote collaboration among NGOs. Educating society about nature – the main goal is to inform society about environmental protection, nature conservation and sustainable development issues. Biological diversity and ecosystems – the main goal is to carry out activities to maintain biological diversity in forests, the agro-environment, the coastline, mires and freshwaters, as well as to involve society in these activities and shaping society’s opinion regarding the impact of different economic activities on the environment. Protected species and habitats – the main goal is to carry out activities that help to maintain favourable conservation status for endangered species and habitats and also involving society in these activities. Specially protected nature areas – the main goal is the planning and management of specially protected nature areas as well as involving society in these activities.


Blaumana st. 32-8 Riga, LV-1011, Latvia