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Last Update: January 07, 2022

About us

At be’'ah, we invest in leading the change to put the waste management sector on its strongest possible foot for the future. We believe that by maximizing the effective utilization of our resources and minimizing the destructive environmental impacts, we build a solid foundation for both economic and environmental sustainability for our nation and future generations. In an effort to cope with waste issues that have evolved over the years, the Omani government enacted in 2006 and put in place a National Strategy Report to promote proper waste management practices, effective use of resources, development of adequate infrastructure and implementation of sustainable goals to make a lasting impact on the country'’’s future. The introduction of the National Strategy Report initiative brought with it the Royal Decree No. (2009/46) which mandated the establishment of Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (be’'ah), with the aim of undertaking solid waste management and framing sustainability goals in terms of resource preservation in the Sultanate of Oman. Subsequently, be'’ah took over the Healthcare Waste Treatment Facility and a budget was approved by the Ministry of Finance in 2012 to bring this goal to fruition.