Save Our Country Parks



Hong Kong

Last Update: November 16, 2021

About us

“Save Our Country Park” alliance includes Ark Eden, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong, Clear the Air, Designing Hong Kong, Environmental Life Science Society, SS, HKUSU, Friends of Hoi Ha, Friends of Sai Kung, Friends of Tai Long Wan, Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong), Green Power, Green Sense, Greeners Action, Greenpeace,, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, Hong Kong Outdoors, Lantau Buffalo Association, Living Islands Movement, Sai Kung Cattle’s Angel, Sai Kung Tai Long Wan Concern Group, Society of Hong Kong Nature Explorers, The Conservancy Association, Trail Watch, WWF-Hong Kong and more. We hope that through this joint action, expressing a message to all the people: to save our country park for every inch. We organize activities to raise public awareness about the importance of maintaining a balance between development and environmental conservation. We support proposals which recognize the existence values of the country parks. We promote Hong Kong as a world leading city in sustainable development. Let’s join together in taking action and protect our home for our future generations!




Hong Kong