Taiwan Watch Institute




Last Update: January 09, 2022

About us

In 1998, a group of people from all over Taiwan got together in Taipei to organize an association, Taiwan Watch Institute, to engage in monitoring environmental and ecological issues, as well as related public policies, and unite with the general public of Taiwan to care for its environment, with the ultimate aim of achieving sustainability. Taiwan Watch Institute aims simply to make a record of human behavior and all sorts of happenings in our living environment, so that we may have a chance to observe how the reactions of the environment to our behavior, and to figure out how to allow present and future generations to live on this precious land with dignity and happiness. Our General Director, Professor Chang Kwo-Lung, stated clearly, “We believed that every resident on this global village is reluctant to allow the land we depend on to suffer serious destruction, and unwilling to see human beings become an endangered species. We shall stop the continuous destruction of our motherland, and we shall allow our offspring to co-exist with the land, and to live harmoniously with Nature. We cannot rely solely on activities conducted by the government, nor can we depend on the efforts of the small minority of people that are ‘environmentalists’. Every citizen of the global village must become an activist and participant in the protection of the environment.”




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