Women Environmental Programme Burkina Faso


Last Update: May 25, 2023

About us

Women Environmental Programme Burkina Faso is a Non-Governmental Organization with headquarters in Nigeria as WEP NIGERIA; WEP BF is therefore networked with the latter. WEP BF is a private organization with a purely charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-tribalist or ethnic purpose, aiming to serve society. The specific objectives of the Women Environment Programme Burkina Faso: - To address gender imperatives in environmental issues, women's social and economic rights through education and empowerment programs - To engage in poverty reduction programs such as microfinance cooperative societies, training of Self-Help groups - Engage in the preservation/conservation of natural resources to ensure livelihoods and sustainable development; - Promote women's empowerment through education, advocacy for reform of the profitable environmental code; - Strengthen the influence of civil society and francophone African delegates in international climate negotiations; - Ensure that development issues are taken into account in climate policies and integrate climate issues into development policies at the African level; - Encourage the implementation of plans that integrate the issues of improving living conditions, mitigating CO2 emissions, and adapting to climate change.iété.




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