Chobe Bream - Aquaculture Fish Farm





Last Update: March 23, 2022

About us

Bring aquaculture in Africa into existence and growth. Create a highly productive fish farm with diverse commodities through successful farming methods and the application of skills and experience. Our immediate focus is on intensive breeding programs with the Oreochromis Andersonii and Oreochromis Niloticus. We aim to breed the fastest-growing fish of this species under controlled circumstances. Therefore we strive to optimize the production of superior growers, which could be made available to the rest of the industry in Botswana. Teach Aquaculture practices so that students can become self-sustainable. Reduce fishing pressures on the Chobe by producing enough affordable fish. Establish this flagship project for Botswana through great loyalty, respect and integrity.



PO Box 1130 Kasane Botswana