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How to add company to ecohubmap?

Login or create an account

Visit and choose type of organization you want to add. After clicking on one of the options you will be redirected to the page where you can fill in the form with your organization information.

We recommend filling in all the fields to make your company page as complete and interesting for users as possible.

After filling out the application, click "Send" button. If the information was entered correctly then the application will be sent for processing. If any of the fields were entered incorrectly, the system will inform you about it.

After sending, your request will be processed within several hours.

In case of successful moderation, your company will be added to the catalog. You will get notification on your email address

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How to edit my company?

If you found a mistake in the description of your company, you can correct it by clicking on the "Edit" button.

Find the data that were specified incorrectly and make the appropriate corrections. After that press the button "Send".

After sending, your request will be processed within a few hours.


What is environmental hotspot?

Environmental hotspots are places where the situation in terms of ecology and natural stability is out of control.

Such hotspots with environmental emergencies require the attention of the public and government organs as soon as possible.

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Can I report a hotspot?

Yes, you can report a hotspot.

You can add your information and submit it.

Once the request is processed, the hotspot will be posted on the site.

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