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    What are environmental hot spots?

    Environmental hotspots are places where the situation in terms of ecology and natural stability is out of control. 
    Such hotspots with environmental emergencies require the attention of the public and government organs as soon as possible.

    How many ecological hotspots are there in the world?

    Almost half of the people on our planet are acutely aware of the dire consequences of environmental hotspots. This is manifested in increased air pollution, poor quality of drinking water, pollution of water bodies, land, etc.
    Air pollution affects not only humans, but also animals and plants. It poses a threat to human health and causes great economic damage.
    Therefore, the problem of environmental hotspots becomes more urgent day by day.
    For example, as glaciers in the oceans melt, methane is released, which has been hidden in them for millions of years in the form of frozen plants. If all the glaciers of Greenland with a volume of 2.3 cubic kilometers melt, the level of the world's oceans will rise. It is not yet known how long it will take for the world's second-largest ice sheet to melt, but the worst part is that the largest glacier - Antarctica - has already begun to melt.
    Nitrogen oxides, sulfur, and various acids falling with rain and snow cause irreparable damage to forests and water bodies; thousands of lakes in Canada, the USA, and Northern Europe have been acidified over the past decades.
    In almost all European countries, the extinction of forests is rapidly progressing, due to air pollution and acid rain. The forests in Germany and Great Britain were badly damaged, and in the Czech Republic, 71% of the forests were damaged. These forests are dying out, and in fact, along with the forest, all the fauna and flora associated with it also die out. 
       The greenery of the planet is declining mainly due to intensive timber harvesting, clearing of forest areas for agricultural land, fires, and, of course, as a result of environmental pollution.
    That’s why it is crucial to track every environmental hotspot and not let it grow in size and impact on the population.

    How to find organizations that oversee the environment hotspot

    In recent years, huge amounts of hazardous waste have entered the Earth's atmosphere. Industry and fuel companies destroy natural resources, cut down forests, and release deadly substances into the atmosphere.
    All this causes the emergence of new ecological hotspots. Some of them are large-scale. There are even those that cover almost entire surface rivers and lakes, not to mention forests and parks. At the same time, we can encounter small polluted areas which also need our intervention. It takes a few years for a tiny ecological hotspot to grow into a polluted whale.
    The majority of environmental hot spots can be found in our catalog. Every day we are trying to find new ones and update info regarding the existing areas.

    Why the problem of environmental hotspots needs to be solved immediately

    All the eco-organizations that take care of environmental problems can be found on our Hotspots page. There we list environmental issues and help people interested in green initiatives take part in them.
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