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What is a Planting Trees Non-Governmental Organization?

Planting trees non-governmental organization is an organization focused on planting trees and thereby restoring forests and parks to improve the ecological situation in the world. Another task of tree planting organizations is to form a tradition of public participation in tree planting. Trees are the offspring of nature, it is safe to say that without them, it is impossible to live a full life on planet Earth. They provide us with shade when we suffer from heat, bear fruit in the form of edible fruits, and add a unique beauty to landscapes. But their main role remains unchanged – from an ecological point of view, trees are important because they enrich the air with oxygen. Trees make the air moist and cleaner, and they stabilize the temperature. Planting trees can overcome many environmental problems, including climate change, water scarcity, and the mass extinction of rare species of birds and animals. Concerned community members picked up on the idea and organized non-profit organizations that plant trees.

What do organizations do other than planting trees?

In addition to the direct planting of new trees, nonprofit tree-planting organizations are focused on several activities that in one way or another contribute to the greening of the planet. These include: ● Organizing and conducting charities for reforestation ● Establishing links between society and government, encouraging the latter to donate to plant trees ● Arranging actions to protect trees that have already been planted ● Taking care of existing green spaces ● Regularly planting trees and monitoring them for proper growth ● Recruiting new people to reforestation nonprofits ● Actions against deforestation The priority to increase the total number of trees on the planet, according to the opinion of the saving trees organizations, should be to reduce the current rapid rate of deforestation and forest degradation in many areas of the world.

How important is it to plant trees to help against climate change?

Trees are an important part of the ecological system. However, each year the number of green spaces on the planet is steadily decreasing. Industrial logging, forest fires, and severe drought contribute to this, resulting in high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmospheric air and the greenhouse effect. To maintain the ecological balance, natural resources must be regularly replenished. This is where tree-planting NGOs come into play. As mentioned above, one of the areas of tree planting non-profits is combating tree felling. Why is it important? Tree felling harms climate change on the planet. Important current climate issues include: ● soil erosion; ● avalanches; ● widespread desertification; ● coastal zones and dunes require protection. Only a few people know that it is possible to retain the soil by planting trees. For animals, trees are a home and a place to feed. Almost all wildlife needs trees to live and function properly. They are involved in many natural processes and cycles. The work of reforestation organizations can prevent a climate crisis. Carbon dioxide is the main gas causing global warming. Through photosynthesis, trees and other plants convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into carbohydrates, which they use to form stems, leaves, and roots. Thus, planting trees helps to absorb more carbon dioxide, which in turn benefits the climate.

How to Choose Nonprofit Planting Trees Organizations

Preservation of ecological balance is one of the main tasks of mankind nowadays, and everyone, without exception, must protect nature and take action aimed at its favorable existence and development. The role of trees in human life cannot be overestimated. Global climate change and the widespread devastation of land are pushing society as never before to prevent illegal logging. Therefore, it is important to choose a nonprofit tree-planting organization wisely to have a hand in greening the planet. 1. First of all, it is necessary to study in what field the tree planting organization you are interested in works. This is an important aspect because many organizations that plant trees are divided according to the type of activity and specificity of focus. 2. Second, pay attention to the location in which the reforestation organization you are interested in is working and competent to host any activities. 3. Third, check out the organization's previous projects. Whatever your choice, participation in the tree planting initiative is a very important part of the environmental contribution to fighting the pollution of the air we all breathe, so replenishing natural resources is the key to a bright and healthy future. more