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What are Electric Vehicles?

      The automotive industry is in a continuous process of development and improvement. In turn, most car enthusiasts have been wondering about the car of the future for years. Due to the evolution of the car market, as well as some economic and environmental factors, an electric car has been created, which, according to car market experts, will become the dominant vehicle in the near future. 

      An electric car is a vehicle that is equipped with an electric motor instead of a gasoline or diesel engine. The electric motor receives power from a controller, which regulates the amount of electricity, based on the driver's use of the accelerator pedal. Electric cars (also called electric cars) use energy stored in rechargeable batteries, which are charged from the normal home power grid.

Such an electric vehicle is very profitable in terms of fuel consumption. After all, the price of petroleum products is increasing every day, and electricity can be used economically by consumers with special energy storage devices. At the same time, the use of electric cars will not harm the environment.

What companies are making great contributions to the industry of electric vehicles

      When it comes to cars, the best automakers that come to mind are from Europe, Japan, and the US. 

      However, most of the well-known and successful companies are from China. One of the best examples is BYD, a Chinese brand that is one of the best-selling electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. This company is a manufacturer of electric and hybrid vehicles, including cars, buses, bicycles, trucks, and battery-powered solar. The creation of a zero-emission energy ecosystem, including affordable solar energy production, reliable energy storage, and advanced electrified transportation, has made it an industry leader in the energy and transportation sectors. One of the automaker's best electric vehicles is the BYD Han. This is the company's flagship sedan, which is a worthy rival to the Tesla Model 3. The main advantage of this premium car is the battery range, which is about 600 km, which makes the battery one of the most powerful among electric cars. In addition to this, this car is powered seven-dimensional quad-layer safety matrix that offers the world’s safest battery safety system with its ability to remain stable at high temperatures. 

      Nio is another Chinese company that produces high-end electric vehicles. Nio develops, co-manufactures, and markets premium smart electric vehicles, driving innovation in next-generation technologies in autonomous driving, digital technology, electric powertrains, and batteries. Cars of this company are famous for fast recharging. In addition, the chassis implements the idea of a quick change of the traction battery. Due to these unique features owner has the opportunity to quickly replace a discharged battery, which makes this brand worthy of attention. 

      The most famous electric vehicle company is Tesla, this American company is practically synonymous with EV technology, creating not only models at various price ranges but also introducing unique features and styles into its lineup. Today, Tesla builds not only all-electric vehicles, but also infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products. This company claims the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better. In 2015, Tesla created the safest, fastest, and most powerful SUV in history, which has a 5-star safety rating in all categories. In 2022, Tesla had a net worth of approximately $828.85 billion, making it the most valuable automaker in the world.

How many car companies have electric cars

      The electric car industry is developing rapidly, every year there are more and more new models of vehicles, as well as companies that create electric cars. At the moment, more than 500 companies are involved in producing electric vehicles, we expect the trend to accelerate exponentially. The Chinese EV market is currently the largest and one of the fastest growing, it accounts for more than half of all EV companies. The rest of the electric car industry is divided between the US and the European markets. According to International Energy Agency estimates, as of February 2022, there are about 16 million electric vehicles on the roads, which is 8.57% of all vehicles. There is a high probability that electric vehicles will make up about 60% of all cars by 2050. Accordingly, the number of companies that produce electric cars will also grow, and companies that are currently developing only gasoline and diesel cars begin to switch to batteries gradually. 

Why do companies switch to electric vehicles?

      Almost all leading electric vehicle companies have begun to think about switching to electric vehicles, the main reason for this is the desire to reduce the cost of car maintenance. The cost of servicing a car with a gas engine is much higher than the annual cost of servicing an electric car. Also, еlectric cars provide designers with significantly more creative flexibility than traditional cars, which allows creation of unique designs we have not yet seen before. It is impossible not to mention that one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of electric cars is the environmental situation in the world. Electric cars produce far fewer emissions than petrol or diesel cars. Every company strives to reduce its carbon footprint, by switching from gasoline to car chargers, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. It is worth saying, that in this way electric vehicle companies raise the level of consumer confidence in themselves, as they become involved in improving the state of the Earth's ecosystem.

How can electric vehicles benefit businesses?

      As the use of electric car becomes more and more profitable, it is not surprising that business owners are gradually switching to electric vehicles. The first and main reason is reduced tax liability. Business owners who choose electric cars enjoy zero tax as part of an in-kind benefit, and the government generally promotes and helps those entrepreneurs who use electric cars to grow their businesses. In addition, maintenance of an electric car is much easier than gasoline cars because electric cars do not have such parts as a radiator and complex exhaust systems, which cost sky-high money to repair. Improved health and safety through better local air quality and less exposure to harmful NO2 and other pollutants is also one of the benefits of electric cars for business. An eco-friendly policy creates a positive brand image and helps to grow the business rapidly.

How to Choose the Right Companies of Electric Vehicles Companies

      Nowadays, while gasoline and diesel engines are becoming a thing of the past, the issue of choosing a reliable electric car has become paramount. The choice of an electric car company depends primarily on personal use goals, such as battery consumption, as not all-electric vehicles have a very significant battery range that they can travel without recharging. In addition, it is very important to pay attention to the price segment of cars, there are electric vehicle companies that produce cars of different classes, from economy class to premium, and it is important to find a car that will be affordable for you. Also, if you anticipate buying a new car, consider your commitment to saving the planet. Choosing electric cars is incredibly important to consider how companies producing electric vehicles support various environmental organizations and deal with waste disposal. more