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What is a renewable energy company?

       Renewable energy companies are firms that develop and implement new projects using alternative energy sources with innovative technologies and modern models. It is a modern and promising way to generate energy because of the profitability of its use and the low risk of environmental damage. About 18% of the world's energy requirements are met by such renewable energy companies or Non-Conventional energy resources.

   	The world's energy industry is currently at a crossroads. As the world's population grows, the economy demands more and more energy, and the fossil fuels on which conventional energy is based are not limitless. The rising cost of fossil fuels is exacerbated by the fact that the enormous use of hydrocarbons is damaging the environment and affecting people's quality of life. This means that in the future the need for energy, and therefore for new ways of obtaining it, will only increase. The era of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) will be replaced by the era of alternative, clean energy. 

How do renewable energy companies work?

   	Top renewable energy companies are doing everything they can to convert all fossil-fuel machines and processes, such as oil, gas, and coal, to renewable energy sources. The clearest example is a renewable energy company and automaker Tesla Motors, whose electric cars are not only environmentally friendly but also superior in every way to conventional cars with internal combustion engines.

What are the 5 types of renewable energy?

   	Most of the largest renewable energy companies use the following 5 types of clean energy:

 1. The first type is – Solar Energy. It is an almost endless source of energy that is derived from the sun by means of solar panels. The total amount of clean energy from the sun reaches about 500 gigawatts per year. Experts estimate that the sun's energy will last for several billion years.

 2. The second type is – Wind Power. Energy is generated by the movement of the wind through wind turbines. The global wind power capacity exceeds 500 gigawatts annually, which is about 24% of the total renewable energy capacity.

 3. The third and most popular type is – Hydropower. It uses the movement of water to create energy. The global capacity of all hydroelectric power plants exceeds 1.2 Terawatts, which is more than 50% of the total capacity of “green” energy sources.

 4. The fourth type is – Bioenergy. Energy is mainly derived from organic waste through the use of technologies for the utilization of organics. The world's energy production from biomass currently exceeds 130 gigawatts.

 5. The fifth type is – Geothermal Energy. It uses the heat of the planet's core as energy. The world production of geothermal energy exceeds 15 gigawatts per year. It is worth noting that energy production in this way can significantly improve in the future.

How many renewable energy companies are there

   	There are some really outstanding clean energy companies around the world, but most of them are European renewable energy companies. Why is this so? Because not every country in the world has a favorable business environment, which creates a huge inconvenience for renewable energy firms. There are many factors that affect business success, but one of the biggest obstacles is a country's consumer power. For example, take a poor country with an average wage of about $260, at that wage the proposal to install solar panels or use more environmentally friendly but expensive fuel will most likely not pay off and the business will have to close.

Why are the world's major companies switching to renewables?

   	The fact is that for any company, business is important to get the maximum benefit and there are two main benefits for large companies from the use of clean energy:

● The first benefit is – Economy. The renewable energy business has achieved very impressive results in the field of energy savings. And it is thanks to their shining example, more and more companies are switching to renewable energy because if you can spend less of the company's budget on electricity while maintaining the operation of the company, it will give a tangible profit for the company, even at the same turnover. 

● The second benefit is even more valuable than the first one – Positive Evaluation. Most people in developed countries are much happier to know that the goods they buy are well-made and packaged, and are made in compliance with all environmental regulations. Also, for the best professionals, such a company becomes more attractive, and often it is their preference.

   	So it is not surprising that the list of renewable energy companies includes such giants as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. All of these companies are striving to switch completely to renewable energy sources by 2030.

How to Choose the Right Companies of Renewable Energy Company?

   	In order to choose what you really need among the proposals of the largest renewable energy companies and not regret the expensive purchase, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

● The first criterion is - Climate. The choice depends on your location. For example, you can install solar panels on the roof of your house or install a wind generator nearby. It's a matter of expediency, so if you have a cold mountain cloudy climate or you live by the sea, then a wind generator will suit you, and if you have a hot blinding sun shining over your head most of the time, then solar panels will suit you.

● The second criterion is - Price and Quality. Always pay attention to the ratio of these two parameters, read reviews, and contact those who have already purchased and actively use the product for a long time. Also, look at the cost of installing the same solar panels or wind turbine generator, and always compare with the competition.

● The third criterion – Location. When researching companies, also give preference to those to whom it is easiest to deliver your goods, which saves you money and even more importantly, time.

● And the third and final criterion is – Environmental Friendliness. More and more quality products are appearing in the field of renewable energy startups. The most important thing is that even among these advanced startups, you can choose the best in the environmental field. This way, your choice will encourage companies to improve the quality of their products in the future.

   	Focusing on these four criteria, you are sure to find a company whose products will serve you for many years.