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2B Friendly (formerly known as Circles of Justice) is an Israeli NGO dedicated to promoting a more just and environmentally-friendly economy through the power of the private sector. 2B Friendly is a part of 2B Group, that was founded by Yoel Cheshin, and aims to redesign the corporate – it leads a change in the manner which companies and businesses operate. The group operates through two funds: 2B Angels, a Venture Capital Fund, and 2B community, an Impact Investment Fund. Both funds operate according to three principles: PROFIT, PEOPLE, PLANET. Small and medium-sized businesses are the engine for Israel’s economic growth. Israel’s 500,000+ SMB’s make up more than 99% of the country’s businesses and are responsible for 53% of Israel’s GDP, as well as 61% of the Israeli workforce. 2B Friendly recognizes that struggling SMB’s cannot place values before profitability, which is why we aim to make fair practices a profitable endeavor. We operate as a platform for SMB’s to embrace socioeconomic and environmental values. In parallel, we act to strengthen these businesses financially by generating public awareness of their new goals. This way, consumers can prioritize and deliberately direct their everyday spending towards the businesses that are making a conscious effort.


Shocken 32 Tel Aviv, IL
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