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Africa 2000 Network

Africa 2000 Network




Africa 2000 Network (A2N) is comprised of 6 national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from different countries in Africa working together to contribute to poverty eradication through sustainable and equitable development. A2N works with vulnerable and marginalized communities through various interventions with a major focus on improving household income and food security, through the promotion of sustainable agriculture. Our Vision for Change is that poverty reduction can be achieved when there is good governance that is responsive to community needs, peace and stability, and strong partnerships with government, civil society and the private sector. As one of Africa’s largest source of employment and source of food, we believe that the agriculture sector is central to economic transformation and poverty reduction. A2N works to achieve this change through a strong community participation process which empowers men and women at all levels of local governance to design and implement their own sustainable solutions to economic and environmental problems.


P.O. Box 3235 Bujumbura, Burundi