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ALSAFA Environmental & Technical Services

ALSAFA Environmental & Technical Services




ALSAFA Environmental & Technical Services LLC is an Oman Environmental Consultancy located in Muscat and specialised in providing environmental solutions in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The company is owned by Salim AlJufaili and Jihad Al Jufaili, and is registered as a consultancy with Oman's Ministry of Environment and other institutions within Oman. We have a team of expert environmental consultants from Oman, India and the UK with extensive experience of the local environment, legislation and permitting process. We understand that clients want to meet all regulatory requirements with the minimum of delay and we want to help you achieve that so that your project can start as soon as possible. Also we appreciate your need to keep costs low so we can guarantee a cost-effective solution to your environmental requirements.


SAJ Building B1 Floor Building #: 253, Way 5704 Bawshar, Muscat Oman
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