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Animal Nepal is an organization working to improve animal welfare in Nepal. Our vision is for a world where animals can live a life free from pain, suffering, and human cruelty. Animal Nepal works through carefully designed interventions, animal rescue, research, education, campaigns, and advocacy. Our history dates back to 2004, when Dutch journalist and long-term resident of Nepal, Lucia De Vries together with friends Jessy, Maria, Roselle, and Jiggy opened a café and an outlet for pet supplies in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. The income from the business was used to provide treatment for sick and injured street dogs in the area. The company also carried out public awareness campaigns on animal welfare as well as organizing an annual spay/neuter camp for street dogs. In 2008, Pramada Shah, a social activist, and animal lover met Lucia and both recognized that Animal Nepal could do so much more for the well-being of animals as an NGO. Therefore, in 2009, Pramada registered Animal Nepal as an NGO and has since overseen the organization as its President.


Dhobhighat, Lalitpur, Nepal
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