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Bathurst Sustainable Development

Bathurst Sustainable Development




In 1995 the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture in partnership with the NB Environmental Trust Fund established a working group, office, and list of mandates called The Bathurst Sustainable Development Project, in Bathurst New Brunswick. Invited to attend and participate were representatives from various government departments, non-government agencies, local government and citizens. By March 2000 they had completed their original list of mandated action items and the project was ending. However, our current Community Development Coordinator, Brenda Kelley, who had been attending the government project meetings as a private citizen from 1997-2000, requested of the Chair of the working group, Dr. Barry Jones, Department Of Fisheries and Aquaculture, that our watershed be allowed to keep all non-confidential data, files, studies, reports, surveys, promotional materials, the text research center at the library, the Carris GIS system that was housed and shared at the NB Community College , Bathurst campus, watershed maps etc. on behalf of the community of the Nepisiguit Watershed.(Bathurst and area). The request was approved. She then helped establish a community access style office space in the local museum with the assistance of the City of Bathurst to display visuals showing the work of the former project, environmental policy review documents, and ecological data pertaining to our watershed area.


PO Box 20047 RPO 1047 St. Peter Ave Bathurst, E2A 4V7
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