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Bloom Association

Bloom Association


Hong Kong


BLOOM is a non-profit association of law 1901 founded in 2005 by Claire Nouvian. BLOOM is fully dedicated to the oceans and those who live from them. Our mission is to work for the common good by creating a lasting pact between man and the sea. Our goals are to protect the ocean and marine species while maximizing sustainable jobs in fisheries and aquaculture. Our priorities are to put an end to destructive fishing methods and the expansion of fishing pressure around the world, to protect the marine environment and preserve its resilience while seeking to promote artisanal fishing using methods that are environmentally friendly and highly job-generating. To achieve our objectives, the BLOOM team deploys awareness-raising, education and scientific mediation actions as well as a strategic and independent scientific research program. We are also engaged in the legislative field with citizen advocacyactions, participation in public consultations and institutional processes. Our actions are aimed at the general public as well as political decision-makers and economic actors.


Hong Kong
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