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Darajati Environmental Conservation Society

Darajati Environmental Conservation Society




Darajati Environmental Conservation Society was initiated on April 21st,2016 , and registered at the Ministry of Social Development under the national number 2016051115562, hence, under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment as it has an environmental categorization. The initiation of this society was partially inspired by the "CYCLE TOUR, Rome-Mecca '09" project and by the great value associated with its mission. A number of concerned Jordanian citizens, who later became the founders of the society, wanted to serve the local community by introducing the concept of cycling and shedding light on the significance of the bicycle culture in the Jordanian society. The society aims at providing students and inhabitants in rural areas in Jordan with alternative low cost transportation method and means of mobility which is eco-friendly. Thus, not only would environmental sustainability arise from such practice, but will also enhance the many aspects of their lives in terms of health, continuing education, social equity and awareness.


Amman , 11181, Jordan