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Eastern Charlotte Waterways

Eastern Charlotte Waterways




ECW is an environmental non-profit organization located in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick. Since 1993, ECW has been committed to environmental monitoring, management, and sustainable community development. ECW has completed the first ever regional Climate Change plan located at ECW continues to do climate change work through a new lens - Project : Village - which is committed to sustainable development in our rural coastal communities. Since 2015, ECW has worked with Dr. Jack Terhune of the University of New Brunswick to understand the impact of underwater noise on the Outer Bay of Fundy, an area which includes the critical habitat ‘Grand Manan Basin’ for the North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis), as well as being used by numerous other marine mammal species. ECW has conducted passive acoustic monitoring in this area using underwater recording equipment (hydrophones) from Ocean Sonics in Great Village, Nova Scotia and acoustic release technology from Vemco in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


881 Main Street, Blacks Harbour, NB, Canada
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