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Eco Centre

Eco Centre


The Eco Centre on Bank Street offers a central hub for Te Pokapū Tiaki Taiao o Te Tai Tokerau to connect with the community. It is a physical location for the Trust’s endeavours, local groups and shop and creates a means for continuous community engagement. Drawing on a strong tradition of Kaitiakitanga or stewardship, the Eco Centre is at the heart of a growing network of locals trying to improve their footprint on the earth. The Eco Centre shop stocks a range of sustainable and environmentally friendly, locally and nationally made products. By supporting local businesses, we can develop a circular economy – “recycling” money back into our area. So, if you are a business with a focus on environmental or naturally made products, we would love to see how we can work with you. Many thanks to our funders during 2020: COGS, LW Nelson Trust, Lottery Grants, Pub Charities, FDNC - Community Board Funding, FDNC Creative Communities Scheme, FDNC, Catholic Caring Foundation Grant, Foundation North Community Grant, Oxford Sports Trust and Yoifest for their support which enables us to keep our doors open and our projects going.


42 Commerce Street, shop 5 Kaitaia 0410, New Zealand
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