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EMLA is a non-profit non-governmental organization working in environmental law and environmental management on national, European and international levels. The main activities of EMLA are public interest environmental legal advice and litigation, environmental legal research, consulting and education, and carrying out of environmental management projects. EMLA is a founding member of Justice and Environment and The Access Initiative in addition to being a member of the European Environmental Bureau and the Nuclear Transparency Watch. The EMLA Foundation established by the EMLA Association is active in environmental education.Az EMLA alapító tagja a Justice and Environment-nek, a The Access Initiative-nek és tagja a European Environmental Bureau-nak és a Nuclear Transparency Watch-nak. Az Egyesület által létrehozott EMLA Alapítvány a környezeti oktatásban tevékenykedik.


Garay u. 29-31. I. em. 1., 1076 Budapest, Hungary
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