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European Federation of Animal Science

European Federation of Animal Science




The European Federation for Animal Science or EAAP (French: Fédération Européenne de Zootechnie; German: Europäische Vereinigung für Tierwissenschaften; Italian: Federazione Europea di Zootecnia) is an international non-governmental organization which aims to improve the knowledge and the dissemination of research results of domestic animals farming. Membership is open to scientists, animal breeders and administrators. The association has its headquarters in Rome, Italy. We were formerly known as the European Association for Animal Production. The association was founded was founded in Paris during the 5th International Congress on Animal Production. The inaugural meeting was held on 8 November 1949. Although the association was intended to be European in scope, the founding member countries were Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Tunisia, and thus included parts of both Africa and Asia. Currently has members from Europe and Mediterranean Basin.


Via G. Tomassetti 3 - Rome, Italy